“What could be better than painting out in the fresh air in a place of great natural beauty with the coolest group of people you’re ever likely to meet? Paint camp! Paint camp! I fell asleep while thinking of mixing greens and dreamed of painting all night. The only thing that will keep me going on after it’s over this year is the prospect of Fall Color Week in Maine in October.”

Jacqueline L. Bellows

“I go to spend a week with amazing people who all have the same goal: to have fun, enjoy making friends, spending time with old friends and to PAINT!”

Symi Jackson

“I live only an hour away from Paul Smith’s College and the Publisher’s Invitational. Despite it being virtually in my backyard, I attend every year. It is an event I look forward to with great anticipation.

It gives me a week of solid, uninterrupted painting time. No wife, kids, pets, friends saying ‘Are you done yet?’ No nagging chore list that I really ought to be working on instead of painting. Just painting in some of the most beautiful scenery around.

In addition to the painting there is the camaraderie of a community of artists. I have many friends that I see once a year at paint camp. It is a great week of seeing old friends and making new ones. It is also the one time of year when I really get to talk art and painting with other painters. People who really get it.

There is also a lot to be learned from painting with other painters. Observe how they tackle the same painting challenges you are facing. Pick up new techniques and new tips. In a casual atmosphere with no demonstrations, no hierarchy and no drama.”

David Crowell

“Who wouldn’t want to just have everything in life provided, and just roll out of bed and paint?”

Dorothy Gardiner

“Thars gold in them thar hills! It’s called paintings and friends and music and like-minded crazy people like me! Love it!”

Terre K Ritchie

“Renewal for the mind, body, and spirit. And it’s a lot of fun, too! If there is plein air painting in Heaven, I’m sure it will be a lot like this.”

Ed Bouwmeester

“I go to meet other artists friends and share time and space painting outdoors during the day, and have a bit of fun at night (if not painting). Painting in the studio is mostly enjoyable work, but painting with fellow artists in a non/pressure environment is a lot more fun. I think that is the key issue for me … having fun with other painters who share my excitement at being outdoors painting. Whether my paintings come out great or not so great, or even suck, doesn’t matter. I learn a lot just by standing alongside other painters of all levels of skill and talent.”

Edwin David Abreu

“I attend the Publisher’s Invitational Paint Out Adirondacks because it’s a unique painting experience.The location offers an endless variety of
beautiful motives: mountains, lakes, streams, forests, waterfalls, weathered barns, village streets, etc. The lack of competition — no prizes or judging — creates a camaraderie that makes ability, reputation, or status
irrelevant. We’re too busy having fun — painting and afterwards — to worry
about impressing each other. Great location, great painting, great people. What’s not to like about that?

“The benefits of attending are many, but perhaps the most important can be
summed up in three words: ‘We’re not alone.’ For one week we form a caring,
supportive community of painters where we’re reminded that we all have good
days and bad days; we have passion, but we’re often full of doubts; and we
learn that it’s okay to make mistakes, try something new, and learn from
each other.”

John MacDonald

“I attended three years in a row and still did not get to all of the locations that Eric chose for us. Such a great week. No worries, great accommodations, best people, and Rosemary brushes too! Best summer camp for adults ever, and so beautiful there.”

Lynne Polley

“I went to paint, and left having just encountered a life changing experience. To paint unencumbered is one thing, but to do it with 100 other artists, and to share their gifts and knowledge. It was unbelievable. There has not been a single thing in my artistic career that helped me more than just heading up to the middle of the woods and painting with all of you. I  long for the day when I can return again. The friends I made, the art I created, in a land as scenic as it comes.”

Greg Summers

“The Adirondack mountains have some of the most beautiful scenes in the United States. With a vertical rise in some areas of 5000+ feet, these mountains are older than the Tetons. Also, there is more underground water in the Northeast than any place else in the world. This is evident in the many lakes, ponds, waterfalls, streams and rivers in the Adirondack state park.”

Marianne Valenti Kuhn

“I went to the first four  and cried at home when I had to miss the next. Never enough ADK for me. Thank goodness the participants post images and share their joy.”

Kathy Schifano

“I keep coming back to the Publisher’s Invitational for the people, the place, and the fun. It’s wonderful to work alongside such a crew of talented and sharing artists, and I have made some incredible friends who have enriched my life and caused me to  “up” my painting game. The location is stunning, and the place is such an embarrassment of riches that you can turn in any direction and find a painting waiting to be painted. Plus, being in the mountains means you are closer to the clouds, so the sky is always putting on a show. And after all the good work of painting, we buzz into the night after a good meal talking, sharing ideas, laughing, and making music. One week out of the year never seems long enough, yet we artists come away both energized and renewed. It is truly the high point of my plein air painting season!”

John McNally

“It only takes 3 words to describe why I go to paint camp..I LOVE IT!!! I’m returning for my 5th year- my kind of fun for sure!!”

Bonnie McGown Torres

“It was a life changing, well organized event, just like everything Eric Rhoads does! This will be my second time, and I am hooked forever! The first was to be a gift to myself for personal time painting plein air, and the anniversary of my artist father passing, representing his lifetime encouragement to me as an artist. It was a journey alone where I met kindred spirits to keep forever!”

Susan Nicholas Gephart

“I LOVE the Publisher’s Invitationals and I go every chance I can! It’s like a family reunion without the crazy uncle. We paint all day, fellowship, share ideas, play music, eat, drink and just have a good time. When I return home, I’m a better painter and I hope a better person. Who couldn’t use a week of no drama & stress? Thank you Eric for sharing your piece of paradise!”

Rick Wilson