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Publisher’s Invitational  “Painters Camp” 2016 Event Details: June 12-19, 2016  (New: Full Week)

Directions to Paul Smith’s College click here.

Do I need to have an invitation?

Originally this was by invitation only however you’re invited if you’re a plein air painter.  It is first come, first served until we run out of dorm rooms.  Book early.  All levels of painters are welcome. This is like camp for painters.

  • We will be staying in single or double occupancy dorm rooms at Paul Smith’s College for five days.  Suites are also available.  Private bathrooms will be available in double occupancy and single occupancy rooms.  The rest of the attendees will be sharing one bathroom between two rooms.  These are DORM rooms.  They are very basic.  No decorations, a twin bed and a desk.  INTERNET is available but is hard-wired only in dorms.  WiFi is available in parts of the campus.  Bring your internet cable.  Each room member receives one towel, one hand towel, one wash cloth.  We recommend you bring additional towels.  FREE laundry is available in every dorm room.  We are staying in air conditioned dorms, which are fairly new.
  • All meals will be provided and we will have access to the campus, which sits on LOWER ST.  REGIS Lake, SPITFIRE and UPPER ST. REGIS Lakes, home to many great camps. Meals are catered and are quite good. We provide an opening dinner, breakfast each morning, items to pack your own sack lunch, and dinner each evening. There is a cash bar each night and a closing party.
  • You’ll have access to hundreds of impressive painting spots and several museum collections are within driving distance, including the Adirondack Museum Hudson River School collection, the Sherborne Museum (Burlington, VT) with a significant Impressionism collection, and the Montreal Museum, which has a massive collection of paintings from all eras.  And you’ll get to paint at least one great camp and access others by boat.

Shipping to Paul Smith’s:

  • If shipping items like your paint gear to the school in advance, please see the following:

Packages should be clearly marked with your group’s name and ATTN: Painters Camp For UPS or FedEx. Please use the physical address: Paul Smith’s College, 7777 State Route 30, Paul Smiths, NY 12970.  For USPS packages, the mailing address is:  Paul Smith’s College, PO Box 265, Paul Smiths, NY 12970-0265.


2016  Pricing with better rooms:

  • Single Occupancy – Shared Bathroom   $1,207 Four attendees each have private rooms and share a bathroom with one other attendee. There is a common area living room for the four guests. Three daily meals are included. Dates of Event: Sunday June 12, 2016 – Sunday June 19, 2016 (increasing from $825.00 for 5 nights at the same rate per night, meals Air conditioned private room with a shared bathroom located in the Quad dormitory. Four attendees each have private rooms and share a bathroom with one other attendee. There is a common area living room for the four guests. Three daily meals are included.*also requires a donation of one framed 9×12 painting by the attending artist to be delivered to the publisher in advance. LAST DAY to register is June 1, 2016.
  • Lake Boat Tour – $25
    There are many historic Great camps and it is a must see chain of lakes.  You don’t want to miss the tour of the great camps from the water. This chain of lakes has several of the classic great camps from the 1800s.  We highly recommend this.
  • Please note that packing peanuts should not be used in packing. Pack carefully.
  • OPTIONAL GIFT: NOT REQUIRED. ONE 9×12 or larger painting
    **This event is priced essentially at our cost.  Since we are contributing significant resources in time, people and as a result we are asking  each painter to consider a gift –  a  9×12 (or at least 108 inches) framed painting. Framed painting should be shipped in advance to: Publisher’s Invitational c/o Eric Rhoads, 803 Crystal Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78746 and must arrive no later than June 1, 2016.  DO NOT USE US POST OFFICE IF Shipped AFTER May 15. Painting should best represent your typical work as an artist.  Our goal is to someday create a museum of Plein Air Painting using some of these paintings. This is NOT required and is a gift, not any form of payment, and cannot be deducted as payment.

Please stay on site to participate.  No non paying guests are permitted in rooms please.  We must meet a minimum quota to reserve the campus.  Advance booking is encouraged though you can book up to the day prior to the event if space permits.  Prepayment is required please before you check in. Payment plans are available and are more beneficial the earlier you book.

Guest Policy:

  • Spouses are welcome at a per-person rate.  Unlike normal hotel rooms there is a full charge for each person due to meals and amenities. Please be aware there are no double beds and each person has your own room and is in a suite of four rooms with a shared bath/kitchen unit.
  • Guests may recommend others who would like to attend, which we will accommodate if space is permitted.  Accomplished painters preferred.



  • Weather is typically cool in mid June but not cold, however it can turn cold or wet.  Bring waterproof hiking shoes.  Clothes for warm, cool or hot climate, and rain gear.  Rain this time of year is sporadic.  Bring a camera.  There is more to see than you can possibly paint.
  • One paint spot requires wading through water and crossing over rocks.  Others require some hiking, while others can be park and paint spots.  Bring swim gear as well.  We do have a group going out for easy access and no climbing or hiking.
  • If you have a canoe or kayak bring it.  The school is on a chain of three magnificent lakes with special places only available by water.  Canoes are typically available.  We have arranged for local lake tours (a must see) for a small fee per person.  (Sign up on location.)
  • There is a gas station with food and snacks within a couple miles of the campus and the campus book store, which also has some snacks, will be open as well.
  • You do not want to leave food in your car because it will attract Black Bears, which its not unusual to see at Paul Smith’s depending on the climate and their need for food.
  • Fishing gear is welcome.  You can catch from the shore or your boat.  Boats are also welcome, however you may have to store it on a trailer due to limited dock space. Jet skis are not welcome or legally allowed on this chain of lakes, nor are sea planes.
  • The campus provides online wireless ( we have purchased the service) and the library has computers you can use to check email. Dorm room internet requires an internet cable (Cat5).  A gym is also available from 6am to 6pm.
  • Art supplies are limited so bring what you need. We will try to provide some turpentine however its best of you can bring your own. There is a small amount of art supplies in Lake Placid at Bookstore Plus, and a couple in Burlington, Montreal.
  • If it rains or there is high moisture some art panels will warp. This is unusual if you are from a dry climate, so bring non warping panels.Paper panels are the ones, which tend to warp.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not provided though we will have a cash bar at each evening meal. W suggest that you may wish to bring what you wish to consume. Please no driving drunk.
  • You will need a car or a buddy with a car. Though there are paint spots within hiking distance we will venture out to spots within a one or two hour radius.
  • If you are disabled and in need of assistance we require a request in writing in advance (2-3 weeks preferred) so we can arrange assistance.



  • There are no rules… other than have a great time. But if there were rules they would be….
  • No Drama.
  • Take out what you bring in. Don’t leave trash behind.
  • No speeding on the lake after sunset.
  • Don’t be a groupie. Many good painters who normally conduct workshops may be present. They are there to paint and not conduct workshops. Though we all want to paint together and share tips with one another, lets not burden anyone with a sense that they need to teach.
  • The college may provide rules of their own about facility use. Bottom line is we want to be invited back.


Weather and Bugs:

  • WEATHER: June in the Adirondacks is usually very pleasant, but like all areas it is unpredictable. You need to be prepared for the best and the worst. June is usually on the cool side therefore bring sweatshirts and jackets. Sometime its cold (40s/50s). Usually in the mid 60s and 70s. Rarely hot. It’s also often wet from morning dew so bring boots. There is some rain that time of year. I often paint in the rain, but it could be dry. Bring a rain poncho or waterproof jacket. Mornings and evenings are always cool.
  • BUGS: The worst bugs are usually gone. Black fly season is usually past but if there are black flies you’ll want netted hats and long sleeves. Its a good idea to have bug spray or dryer sheets work well for some to keep bugs at a distance. Bug spray is handy. Dryer sheets work amazingly well to prevent bugs from bothering you if you stick one in your hat and another in your shirt. Bugs are not terrible this time of year unless spring is late, in which case they can be thick, which then requires a bug netting hat and covered arms. In any case, bug spray is handy. There is also a possibility of deer ticks, which cause lyme disease.
  • BOATS WELCOME: If you have a canoe or Kayak or power boat you’re welcome to bring them. There are rules to keep milfoil infestation from polluting the lake requiring a boat wash before launching at the St. Regis boat launch or at the launch at Paul Smiths.
  • MOTOR HOMES can be parked but camping on campus is not permitted. Special motor home pricing may be available. Please ask.
  • Handicapped access rooms are available.
  • MEALS: We will be providing breakfast, box lunch to pick up at breakfast and dinner. These meals are college food, nothing elaborate and we have hours which they do and don’t serve. If you miss those hours you’re on your own. Also you’re welcome to bring your own beer and wine but the campus is strict about drinking it on campus unless its in your dorm or the bar area. We will gather in the evenings to spend time together as a group.
  • DORMS: Dorms are not hotel rooms. Bring your own shampoo, soap. One hand towel, bath towel and wash cloth is permitted. There is NOT daily maid services. It might not be a bad idea to bring an extra towel or two. Internet is available if you wish to bring your laptop. Bring an internet cable for use in dorm rooms. Not responsible for theft, loss or damage.
  • PAINT LOCATIONS: We visit different paint locations daily, however you may choose to stay on campus to relax or paint. Fees remain the same in the event you do not travel with groups going out to paint.
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